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Whether it be informative, promotional or simply telling a beautiful story, we'll take your idea from a thought to an engaging piece of video content.

At Frankly, there's no conflict between creative vision and executing the brief.

About Frankly

Driven by your key message, we produce video content that not only looks great, but speaks directly to your desired audience.

Engaging content is all about how the audience interprets your work – because it’s ultimately only their reaction that matters. And everything communicates.

Birdsville Program




Our client required various videos to be produced in remote central Australia. Getting there was difficult, but packing the required gear whilst meeting tight travel requirements was even more challenging. We packed light and still captured stunning footage while outback battling extreme heat, rain, broken down cars and sandstorms. We worked closely with the local school and indigenous community to produce videos for Indigitals school program, World Expo stand and an advertisement for Queensland Outback Tourism.

Concept creation, video production, post production, drone, photography.